…but the thing is–they don't.


A drop of a thought of you brightens my day –

Reminiscing the time spent with you

cheers me up even when you’re far away.

It’s true that times are difficult and stakes are high

but my life is so animated, now that I know you

because the ghosts in my dreams have been replaced

by pirate rabbits, penguins, and cats.

(10 Feb ’16)


From where we stood

we could see the trees,

the buses, the grey world.

As soon as you held my hand,

we entered

a colourful world of our own.

From where we stood

we could see the sky

which will stay there



The sharp sunlight on my skin

felt like velvet ribbons

when you held my hand.

And we walked the entire way

breathing in each other’s love.

It was so beautiful,

it is so beautiful,

it will forever be beautiful,

because when I close my eyes

I can go over our time again –

when you were looking at me

with the amount of love

I dared not hope to receive

in a million years.

But there I stood

cleansed from the inside it felt.

And I am sure of the fact

that the time meant and means

the greatest thing in the world to me.

My fatigue, my anxiety

was all gone

My heart beat faster –

I could feel your love

running in waves

through my body –

and I can feel it even now.



The walk across the field

As I was walking across the field

I realised the sunlight was so soft.

So, as you were walking beside me

I kept observing you-

the little expressions which

maybe indicated something.

You were looking at the ground;

occasionally looking at me

smiling all the damn time.

Honestly, I did not want the path to end

neither did I want to know what it was

because it’d been ages since I felt that way

and I did not want to let that feeling go.

And you know what?

I looked up at the sky,

and the silver lining of the clouds never looked so clear.

Is this called being faithful?

Each time you say something kind

I forget all the times you’ve been cold,

how can someone forgive someone so easily?

I wonder

And this goes on and on


Come and break me down

with your nonchalance

so alarming.

I’m appalled by your aloofness

so frank, that your words hit like arrows

of the sharpest heads.

Oh dear,

why did I ever let you near?

You radiate that kind of unconcern

that I’m unnerved.

I’m gaping at your actions,

at your negligence.

And I cannot stop you

from doing what you do,

because with every word you say

and with every word you don’t say

you break me down.


Did I ever tell you

how high the intensity of the feeling

of being free

can rise within me?

It’s like soaring in the sky

like an eagle with a beak

as sharp as its idea about itself

and its present;

like the top-most leaf of the highest tree

enjoying the purest air;

like a writer

who just wrote down every word in her heart.

It’s like staring up at the sky

so clear and blue,

and the birds flying wherever they want to.

And I see them

with a heart as light as their bones.

Where are the rays of hope?

Things are basically going to wind up

the way we don’t expect them to

or the way we fear things might be,

and this fact is so well known

to every cell in my body;

because I can now see the big picture easily.

I can see what a town looks like

from the top of a hill;

and all I see is dark smoke rising.

Truth has defeated optimism

and it’s out in the open.

And I’m completely frustrated.

It hurts to realise

that we entrust all our faith to falsehood;

only to see in time the big picture

crashing down to the ground.

Staring into space

Dark clouds

late night,

unaware of everything

and teary eyes.

He questioned the existence of God

in the quiet

felt the hole punched in his heart

but could not believe

that the person

who taught him to live in the present

was now only a segment of his past.

Closing cycles

All she wished at the moment
was to shut everything down.
Her soul felt crippled,
her heart felt heavy.
She knew pretty well
it was all in vain–
he was far, far away
just an illusion in a desert
just a star in some far-off galaxy.
But every time she looked at him
began another cycle
of waiting, wailing
and of being broken down.
But this time
she picked herself up
and like a brave girl,
she gave up her past
wore the brilliant smile
and walked away.