Why did I fall

by Shreya

He won’t look at you

he won’t talk with you

he has a flower in his hand

and a place in his heart

for her.

You feel desperate

for an answer to why

why you ever fell for him

why God made you meet him

and why you smiled earlier


things could never be better.


you had made an assumption

stitching the silliest

blurriest thoughts

into dreams.

Isn’t it strange

that we keep searching

for the answers

when there’s one complete

lying somewhere on the road


of everything else in the world.

He doesn’t know

doesn’t have a clue

of what’s going on

in your life, a storm

has risen;

you are jealous

of the happiness

you thought you could own.

You wonder

you never felt this way

until a few days earlier

when you realised

the monsters

in your nightmare were alive;

you ran, as fast as you could

as far as you could

but never reached that far

far enough to forget him

or her.

But here I am

to remind you

that you are strong

stronger than him or her

since you are independent,

and can stand alone

you don’t need him,

because you have Him

who is with you,

and together, you’ll find

someone better

someone who is for you

standing somewhere

around or far.