…but the thing is–they don't.


487AB344-0D92-43B5-AC42-12C6C7EE3E12I want to feel like I’m needed

I keep floating through endless space

Waiting to be pulled in swift by you

Art : me (shreyadoodles)





It’s all weird
All silent
I look at the clock
Where to has all
the time went
I lie on the bed
Covered with cold
A hand to hold
That hand to hold
Is away
So I hold my own hand
And keep myself warm

In silence



Each day before going to bed

And after setting an alarm

I keep a pillow under my head

And pretend that it’s your arm


My head swims in questions

I think with my foot

I keep moving forward

I keep stumbling on the root

But I keep smiling

For there’s nothing else to do

Seeking solace in nothingness

The weak branch I hold onto




I miss you
I think all the time about our time together
Our long walks in the lovely weather
The benches we sat on
And the squishy sand
The way you tenderly hold my hand
When time runs away like an unwilling bride
And how we know we’re on the same side
A corner comes and we kiss
I wish I didn’t spend my day like this
Thinking about us and the way we do
Everything I see makes me miss you

Free fall

The walls are so grey
My spirit so low
My energy is away
Where did it go
My thoughts and wishes
Are all said no
So many leashes
Time goes slow


I’ve been drifting through days

Staring into space

Trying to find a face

Looking into my eyes

Sharing my cries

Believing, when the world denies.


Want to cry

But I cannot, why

Oh why can’t I

I sit at the foot of the bed and sigh

And wonder if the happy times have passed us by

To be on our own, to live a lie

Or to find some meaning, after bidding goodbye.

You’re with me

​Your ship is taking you home

I stand here and look at you

As far as I can

You are growing smaller and smaller

Until you become a point

And the earth’s curvature hides you

Though in my heart you stay back

And stare at me playfully

You’re sublime in my mind

Smiling and looking at me

While I smile and look at you.

Our time

​The cold touch of your hand

The strength of your tongue

The warmth of your love

Wrote the thoughts unsung


You took down my walls 

And you looked into my eye

Your fingers made me glow

When you brushed my thigh

We moved with the same rhythm

I dove into your kisses

You held me in your firm hands

And fulfilled all my wishes

Like our attire, I kept aside

The fear of being caught

There was no error, the punctuation in place

But there was no dot